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Together, We Are Educating A Nation.




“The level of quality of information is huge. It gives me a boost of confidence. To know that there are places I can go to for information has helped on multiple levels.”

“Having the support and education is so invaluable. There are so many places to get information that you can become overloaded, but PAI has digestible courses.”

“I had no idea there were so many informative and helpful courses out there for me as a caregiver. You guys are amazing for all you do for our Veterans and their families.”

“The more of these classes I consume, the more I can continue to help Veterans that I work with every day.”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, the additional training is definitely beneficial to my practice, and ultimately my patients.”

“I would like to point out the wonderful and informative knowledge that I have gained and how to better serve, understand and approach our vets and their continued mental health. I have completed all the courses that are required in order for me to obtain a certificate of completion that I am looking forward to hanging in my office.”

“Awesome course which brought me to tears in some places.  Caring is understanding! Thanks so much for the stellar work you have done in preparing this course.”

“The courses are excellent and easy to digest,informative and provided another great resource for working with our service members nationally!”

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