VIS Veteran 1012017-03-28T12:17:41-07:00

Program Description

The U.S. military and its culture can be quite foreign to civilians, especially those who have no close personal or family ties to the armed forces. 84% of veterans say the American public has “little awareness” of their challenges, and 71% of Americans say they do not understand the problems faced by those who have served since 9/11. Without a firm understanding of our military, how can your staff, hiring managers and leadership truly create a military-friendly work environment and successfully onboard and retain veterans? The veteran pool is an incredible source of job talent for you, but you first have to understand their backgrounds.

What You Will Lear

  • A summary of the structure and culture of the U.S. military, as well as its values and priorities.
  • An understanding of the training and expertise gained by service members throughout their military careers.
  • A breakdown of the different Services, the role of Reservists and National Guardsmen, and the military compensation system.