VIS Understanding Invisible Wounds of War in the Workplace2017-03-28T12:17:41-07:00

Program Description

The U.S. public’s understanding of PTSD is often formed by television shows and movies. Many employers express uncertainty about hiring someone with PTSD, although they do not really understand what it is. Employers may worry that the individuals will pose a safety threat to other workers. They are also concerned that employees with PTSD may require expensive accommodations and take too much of their managers’ time. Don’t you need to know more about PTSD, who is affected by it and how it plays out in the workplace?

What You Will Learn

  • What PTSD is and how it is treated.
  • The percentage of veterans diagnosed with PTSD is just a tiny fraction of that across our civilian population, and you are already comfortable working around others with PTSD.
  • Common accommodation plans for veterans with PTSD.