KELLY R. CHRESTMAN, Ph.D.2019-05-21T19:43:18-07:00
kelly r. chrestman


Kelly Chrestman, Ph.D is a licensed clinical phycologist who laid the clinical consultation service for evidence based practice or EBPs at the Center Deployment of Phycology (CDP). It is my job and my mission to offer support and consultation to EBP providers and ultimately to contribute to better clinical outcomes for service members and civilians. I work with the CDP team to find new and better ways to link clinicians with both traditional and innovation resources that will help them implement EBPs more effectively. This includes leveraging computer technology and virtual assets to reach professionals that might otherwise have difficulty accessing high quality training and consultation.

Before coming to CDP I worked at the National Center For PTSD in Boston and at the University of Pennsylvania with Dr. Edna Foa. I’m a subject matter expertin prolonged exposer therapy for PTSD and I’ve trained numerous students and mental health professionals across the world in techniques for treating PTSD and other anxiety disorders. I also spent several years working closely with Native American tribes where I focused on adapting evidence based practice to better meet the needs of traditional native communities.

I’m a co-author of the Adolescent PE Manual, ProlongedExposure Therapy for Adolescents with PTSD, and I’ve written about community and professional responses to trauma particularly to domestic violence and sexual assault.