KATHERINE MITCHELL, M.D.2019-05-21T20:44:21-07:00
katherine mitchell


Dr. Mitchell is a former nurse and current physician with over 18 years experience within the VA health care system.  As a long-time VA Emergency Department physician Dr. Mitchell became quite familiar with the physical and mental health issues challenging today’s Veterans.  As the medical director of the Phoenix VA Post-Deployment Clinic, Dr. Mitchell developed an in-depth understanding of the multiple physical, psychological, and psychosocial concerns of Post 9/11 Veterans.  While providing care for OEF/OIF/OND Veterans Dr. Mitchell recognized how mental health issues could cause significant impairment of student-Veterans’ learning abilities.  Dr. Mitchell saw a tremendous need to educate student-Veterans, caregivers, and other health care providers about the availability of academic accommodations for psychiatric diagnoses.  Dr. Mitchell recognized these accommodations could empower Veterans to self-advocate, overcome barriers to learning, and ultimately achieve academic success.  With the goal of disseminating information to Veterans and health care providers throughout the VA, as a VA Quality Scholar she subsequently developed educational materials and authored two peer-reviewed journal articles on academic accommodations for Post-9/11 Veterans with psychiatric diagnoses.