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In grief’s darkest hours, we ask ourselves the hard questions: What do we do now? What does this new life look like? Who are we without our loved ones? We wring the questions as though we’re trying to squeeze out wisdom or answers; we twist and stretch them as we face the everyday realities of our loss.
Although the path to peace and purpose is different for everyone, TAPS programs can be signposts — pointing the way toward comfort, camaraderie and companionship. Through our TAPS programs, we gather to heal, console and explore. And we start to answer those hard questions.View resource

Our DIY Toolkits and idea guides give you everything you need to easily make a difference in the lives of military families, from fun and fulfilling service projects to simply connecting and lending a hand. Everything you do has a tremendous impact.

An estimated 200,000-plus service members transition out of the military each year. Each Transition from military to civilian life is unique, and USO Pathfinder® is there to help service members and military spouses through the process.

When a loved one needs extra support, it can mean big adjustments for everyone in the family. For military and veteran families, these transitions can mean a unique set of challenges.

Every warrior has unique challenges and goals. That’s why we provide a variety of veteran programs and services to help you take the steps that are right for you.

Our Transition Program makes it easier for wounded Service members to thrive beyond injury to recovery. Education support and career assistance provides them with the tools and skills to successfully reconnect with their communities and build new, productive lives.

Coaching Into Care is a national telephone service of the VA which aims to educate, support, and empower family members and friends who are seeking care or services for a Veteran.

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