PsychArmor Institute Career Opportunities


A national not-for-profit that provides free education and support to non-military Americans who work with, live with, or care for our veterans. We host an extensive library of free online trainings taught by subject matter experts, which teach the latest trends and resources on military and veteran issues. These courses are targeted to meet the needs of veteran employers, healthcare providers, professionals, educators, volunteers, caregivers & families

Available job openings:

Development Director – Nonprofit fundraising

The Development Director for PsychArmor should be an experienced, entrepreneurial, articulate and highly motivated professional with at least five years of experience in the non-profit fund development field. This is a new position based in Washington D.C., creating a permanent footprint for the organization, which is based in San Diego, CA. The Director will foster relationships with key funding organizations and influential/philanthropic individuals to create enduring partnerships with PsychArmor. He/she will be held accountable for cycling those relationships inside a moves management system toward new sponsorships, grants and individual philanthropic gifts to Psycharmor.

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Sales Manager

The Sales Manager should be a dynamic, business-minded, pro-active individual. Experience in the non-profit community is desired. A U.S. military veteran or someone with experience and familiarity with military culture is preferred. The Sales Manager will establish and manage relationships with partners that have an interest in supporting and educating those who support our veterans. These partners represent a diverse group of organizations including businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, volunteer and non-profit service organizations, governmental entities and healthcare affiliated groups. THE PRIMARY GOAL OF THE SALES MANAGER IS TO DRIVE THE MEMBERS IN THESE ORGANIZATIONS TO TAKE PSYCHARMOR’S FREE ONLINE TRAINING COURSES.

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PsychArmor Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer