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Job Ready Skills & How to Hire Military Spouses

Military spouses face unemployment rates much higher than the national average of their non-military connected counterparts. Staying on a career track can be difficult. Sponsored by Prudential Financial, PsychArmor’s Military Spouse Employment portfolio of courses educates employers and military spouses on the many attributes of military spouse employees. It also teaches military spouses the basics of job hunting from resume writing, how to job search, how to network, how to tell your story in a job interview, and even how to re-enter the workforce with confidence. Whether military spouses have months or years of work experience under their belt, they will learn something new to help them get a job or maintain a career.

Military Spouse Employment Digital Toolkit

PsychArmor’s Military Spouse Employment digital toolkit provides free social media shareables to help military spouses and organizations that want to hire and support them in gaining meaningful employment.

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Whether your organization already has a program or is making the business case to establish one, you will learn the best strategies from industry experts on how to recruit, hire, and retain military spouses and how to develop and maintain a successful program.