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We Are Not All Soldiers

Military service members, Veterans and their families live and work in communities across our nation.  They are our co-workers, neighbors, classmates, students and friends. However, because fewer than 7% of Americans have served in uniform, most civilians are unfamiliar with military culture and don’t know how to effectively engage with the Veteran community.

Sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project, the following courses are available for anyone who works with, lives with, and cares about the Veteran community.  At PsychArmor®  , we believe that educating individuals about the unique needs of military connected people in our country can change perceptions, create powerful connections, strengthen communities, and help our nation’s heroes access resources that allow them to thrive.

Our cornerstone course “15 Things Veterans Want You to Know,” as well as modules that address the basics for civilians such as “Veteran 101: Officer vs. Enlisted,” and “Veteran 201: Military Families,” are informative courses on military culture that address relevant issues facing our Veterans and their families today.