HST052 PsychArmor with Marjorie


Marjorie Morrison, LMFT, LPCC, is the CEO of the PsychArmor Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization she founded in 2014, which is committed to bridging the military-civilian divide by creating, promoting, and distributing free online courses covering a wide range of topics important to those who support the military community. She is the author of the book, The Inside Battle: Our Military Mental Health Crisis, and has written numerous editorials on the field of military mental health featured in TIME, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, and several others. As a licensed psychotherapist who also practiced on several military bases, Marjorie created PsychArmor armed with the firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by the 90% of Americans who haven’t served, but live with, work with, and care for members of the military. Her passion for supporting caregivers, employers, educators, volunteers, health providers, and family members of those who serve or have served drives her work, and has influenced the development of PsychArmor from just an idea, to an organization with 35 fulltime staff members, and more than 165 courses covering eight separate topic areas. Marjorie’s vision for PsychArmor has led to numerous awards and recognition from organizations like the VA, DoD, SAMHSA, and others.

Listen Now! HST052 PsychArmor with Marjorie

In This Particular Episode You Will Learn:

  • Marjorie’s background and experience
  • Developing mental health awareness in the Marine Corps
  • Marjorie’s thoughts on stigma against seeking mental health support
  • Teaching cultural competence to mental health providers
  • PsychArmor’s origins, goal, and purpose
  • Informing communities about military culture
  • PsychArmor’s Partnership program
  • Objective Zero App and the use of PsychArmor for Peer Support training
  • Developing awareness about veteran mental health
  • Networking with other nonprofits
  • Partnering with government and the Department of Veterans Affairs

Links Mentioned in This Episode:

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