Helping Caregivers Balance their Caretaking Duties and Need for Self-Care

Helping Caregivers Balance their Caretaking Duties and Need for Self-Care

Did you know that the United States is home to more than 5.5 million military caregivers? PsychArmor Institute offers courses to help caregivers balance their care-taking duties and their need for self-care. Beginning with the “Am I A Caregiver” course, caregivers learn that these “extra chores” they have taken on to provide support for their Veteran actually makes them a caregiver.

Topics for the courses, which are made possible by a philanthropic investment from The USAA Foundation, were selected via an online survey distributed to military and veteran caregivers nationwide, and through PsychArmor’s extensive network of over 150 advisors and partners, including its Caregiver Consultants and Caregiver Advisory Committee. The five new courses in 2018 included “Creating an Emergency Response Plan for Caregivers,” “Intimacy Issues for Caregivers,” “Caregiving in a Rural Setting,” “Managing Common Behavioral Challenges in Children,” and “Am I a Caregiver?”

“Many veteran and military family members, friends, and other loved ones often don’t realize they are caregivers,” said Dr. Tina Atherall, CEO and founder of PsychArmor. “When their loved ones are injured during service, they’re often thrust into this full-time role without resources or support. At PsychArmor, we’re working to change that by offering courses to help meet the caregivers’ needs right where they are. We’re so grateful that we are able to offer these courses for free thanks to the generosity of our sponsor USAA.”

PsychArmor currently offers forty free online courses specifically for veteran and military caregivers. Topics range from understanding the VA to finding respite care, from navigating grief and challenging relationships to caring for the caregivers own unique needs. Courses are developed and led by experts and clinicians with deep understanding of the unique needs of military caregivers and families, and the obstacles they face.

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