Financial Matters: “Here’s to Your Health, your Financial Health!”

Financial Matters: “Here’s to Your Health, your Financial Health!”

At some point in our lives, most of us find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck. This kind of financial dilemma has everybody talking about “financial wellness.” But what does financial wellness really mean? Financial wellness is the peace of mind you have when you’ve balanced saving and spending—living well today and preparing for tomorrow.

Military and Veteran families face different financial challenges than the public at large. We know how stressed these challenges can make those families, how that stress can impact work and family life, and how important it is to get a handle on our finances and map out a path to financial wellness. That’s why Prudential partnered with PsychArmor Institute to launch the PsychArmor Institute’s new Financial Wellness portfolio of courses, a digital portal, and a new digital financial wellness tools, brought to you by Prudential.

The courses are geared for Veterans who may have recently re-entered civilian life, but offer financial education in which even seasoned Veterans may learn.

The courses that have launched so far are:

Financial Wellness Overview;
Financial Tools Overview;
Why Financial Wellness Matters; and
Is Your Financial House in Order
Budgeting, Debt Management, and Investing;
Taking Care of Your Loved Ones as they Age; and
Survival Tips for the Sandwich Generation

The best part? All of the courses and provided resources are free of charge, and can be taken any time that is convenient for you!

Wondering how your finances stack up? Visit the Financial Wellness Center and try the Self-Assessment tool. Answer just 20 simple questions on key financial behaviors, and you’ll get a visual assessment that gives you manageable steps and suggests areas of focus to improve your financial wellness. The tool is just part of what the Center offers. It also contains engaging articles, short videos, and additional interactive tools that can help you achieve your financial wellness goals. It also details some tools that may be especially helpful to military and Veteran families.

While you’re managing your Financial Wellness, check out the other easy-to-use tools provided by Prudential: debt manager, life insurance estimator, retirement calculator, and budget tool.

Take the courses on PsychArmor’s website and use the tools to get your own financial house in order. Once you’ve got a stable financial foundation, you can do more than survive in this world — You can THRIVE!

By Prudential Staff

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