Frequently Asked Questions

What is PsychArmor Institute?

PsychArmor’s mission is to bridge the civilian-military divide by ensuring that every American has the tools and resources needed to engage effectively with service members and veterans.

With fewer than 7 percent  of our country having served in uniform, most Americans are unfamiliar with military life and culture. A better understanding of military culture and the veteran community can alleviate many of the challenges veterans and service members face when returning from war or transitioning into civilian life.

PsychArmor is the only national institute of its kind, dedicated to bridging the civilian-military divide through free online education and a support center staffed with mental health experts.

PsychArmor recruits nationally recognized subject matter experts to create and deliver online courses about issues relevant to the military and veteran communities. Our self-paced courses are delivered within six schools geared toward military culture, healthcare providers, employers, educators, volunteers, caregivers and families.  We provide critical resources to all Americans who work with, live with, and care about veterans.

What is the 15 Things Challenge?

Civilians need training on military cultural competency to provide our veterans with the support, care and education they deserve. Our FREE online course 15 Things Veterans Want You To Know was created to provide all Americans with competency about the military culture, teach you five questions to ask a veteran, and tell you about the 15 things veterans want you to know about them. With a better understanding of military culture, we can eliminate many of the troubles and challenges veterans face when returning from war or transitioning out of service.

Online Training

How do I register for a course?

To register for a course, click on course login. After clicking “New User Registration”, you will enter your first name, last name, email address and insert the appropriate code. If you are not affiliated with a specific group, your code will be “PsychArmor” (the code is case sensitive). You will be sent a confirmation email to set up a password and you can immediately begin exploring our library or courses.

Which course should I take first?

PsychArmor recommends taking the “15 Things Veterans Want You to Know” course first, as it educates learners about the importance of military cultural competency.  The course outlines five questions to ask a veteran, and the 15 things veterans want you to know about them. After completion of this course we recommend taking Veteran 101 and 201 before taking any other courses.

How much do the courses cost?

All of PsychArmor’s courses are completely FREE. Thanks to donations, grants and sponsorship, we are able to provide all of ours services at zero cost. Additionally, professionals can earn FREE continuing education credit by taking courses with the “CE” badge.

What if I have technical issues?

PsychArmor does our best to make sure that your learning experience is fun and glitch free, however sometimes unexpected problems occur. For best results use one of the following browsers:

On a Mac:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari 5.x and higher
  • FireFox 17 and higher

On a PC: 

  • Internet Explorer 7.x and above
  • FireFox 17 and above
  • Google Chrome 10.x and above

If developing for mobile devices, you must use one of the following browsers in order to preview the course from your desktop:
Google Chrome 10 and above on PC; Safari 5.x and higher on Mac.

Note: Because of decreasing global support for IE 6, we cannot guarantee application compatibility when using this browser.

Flash Player Requirements
Adobe Flash Player 10.x or higher (the latest version of Flash Player is recommended).

Additionally, make sure you do not have the course open in any other tabs and cookies are enabled. If problems persist and clearing your computer’s cache, and restarting your computer do not remedy the issue, feel free to:

“Helping You Help Veterans” Support Center

Who should call/email the support center?

Anyone who is working with, living with, or trying to help a veteran can call/email the support center at 1-844-PsychArmor (779-2427) or email at [email protected].

I am a veteran, can I call the call center?

There are a lot of wonderful organizations that provide exceptional services to the veteran population. PsychArmor works primarily with non-military Americans because that is what we do best. If you are a veteran caller we will direct you to the best veteran service organization to meet your needs.

What is the purpose of the Support Center?

The Helping You Help Veterans Support Center’s purpose is to provide ongoing support to employers, professionals, educators, health care providers, volunteers, and caregivers. Our mission is to ensure that every American has the tools and resources effectively engage with a service member or veteran.

What does PsychArmor do to help employers?

PsychArmor recognizes that veterans need jobs and that employers want to hire veterans. Veterans make great employees, however the invisible wounds of war have made many wary of their affects. PsychArmor’s call center is staffed with mental health professionals that help employers consider, understand and create reasonable accommodations for veteran employees. Additionally, PsychArmor works closely with Veterans Integration Services (VIS) who provide live training to employers regarding a number of different services. We also offer a host of free online employer courses to assist you in a variety of topics.

Partner With Us

Who do I contact to partner with PsychArmor?

PsychArmor embraces partnerships and encourages all communities and organizations to work together. If you would like to partner with PsychArmor you can contact our Partnership Manager, Neil Stevens at [email protected]. We would love to set up a meeting with you!