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Understanding the VA for Caregivers

The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs is the largest integrated healthcare system in the country, and it can seem overwhelming. This course was specifically designed to break down the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) so that you and your Veteran can better utilize its services. In just 10 minutes, you’ll cover essential information including how the VA is organized, who is eligible, how to enroll, what documents are needed, and where to apply. Additionally, this course offers tips and guidance on what actions to take after enrollment is complete, and resources to help you and your Veteran contact the VA and ask more questions.

To access the Tips & Takeaways worksheet, click here.

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  1. Michael Rwiyamilira

    This course contains invaluable information. I plan to help recently discharged veterans access medical care at the VA medical facilities. This course explained the differences and hierarchy of VA medical facilities.

  2. Joanne Gillespie

    Helpful to know that there are other resources, particularly a caregiver hotline. Could have used this last year. Wish there would have been a way for my veteran’s team to let me know about all of this. But that would probably have meant that he would need to sign an ROI.

  3. steven stoyke

    Very good information, great course and well assembled and presented. I have been the care giver of a recipeant of V.A bennifits and also the facilitator of the V.A programs. Thank you for this Steve S.