Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI is considered a signature wound of the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its prevalence in military service members and Veterans makes it an important topic to review for providers who treat Veterans. Intended for all healthcare providers, this course is narrated by VA Neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Jak, and provides an overview of the definition, presentation, assessment, and treatment of TBI in this unique patient population. Dr. Jak reviews important definitions, criteria for severity rating, unique military-specific factors, as well as symptom presentation in Veterans. She describes strategies for assessment of TBI, in addition to tips for successful interaction with your Veteran patients who present with these symptoms

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    chaplainsfox October 15, 2019 at 4:20 am

    Excellent course but the volume needs to be adjusted. Too many places where the sound drops low and then rises again creating distractions.

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    extremely informative, in-depth course. this course will prove extremely helpful in my practice and as a caregiver.

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