Sustaining Momentum

The collaborative journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Improving the systems that serve veterans, service members, and families takes time. “Sustaining Momentum,” narrated by Bob Woodruff, journalist and co-founder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, examines how the eco-cycle model of collaboration can help partners understand the collaborative process and plan for sustainability together.

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The systems impacting the well-being of veterans, service members, and their families are complex. Improving any complex system takes time, so the collaboratives engaged in this work must plan for sustainability. In “Sustaining Momentum,” journalist and BWF (Bob Woodruff Foundation) co-founder Bob Woodruff explains the ecocycle framework, a way of understanding the collaborative process. This model has been adapted from the world of biology research by management and social change experts and can be used to support “systems thinking” in your collaborative. In this course, you’ll learn the four phases of the ecocycle renewal loop, four traps that can halt your progress, and some strategies for getting unstuck when momentum stalls.

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