Stress First Aid: 01 Caring for Veterans Introduction

This course discusses the various stressors caregivers are presented with on a daily basis and how to cope. Dr. Patricia Watson of the National Center for PTSD presents tools for self-care and coping by highlighting five core essential elements. These elements support recovery from trauma, loss, and adversity. This introductory course specifically reviews the stress continuum model. We hope this course will aid the great resilience our caregivers demonstrate constantly as they tirelessly attend to both the visible and invisible wounds of our American heroes.

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  1. Vince Pfeiffer

    It is important for caregivers to develop a personal Bond with patient. Patient will often not reveal to occasional caregivers operating on a rotational basis, as those assigned from home health care, those intimate personal thoughts that provide a window into the root causes of their anxiety, or stressors.
    As a family member in home care providor, I can see how important development of a rapport is, in getting to a point where sharing actually starts to build their confidence and trust. It is equally important not to violate that trust and confidence. Unless; its a life or death situation, maintain the confidence.