preparing your finances

Preparing Your Finances for Transition

Planning. Preparation. Readiness. These keywords are extremely important in the military and they are equally important when discussing your finances. In this course, service members, Veterans and their families will learn about some major financial considerations associated with transition, as well as five useful tips for preparing their finances.

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When it comes to building a financial plan, it is never too early to start. In this course, Harriett Dominique, President of The USAA Educational Foundation, provides transitioning service members and their families with five helpful tips to prepare their finances for life after military service.With guidance and insight provided by Certified Financial Planners, “Preparing Your Finances” offers service members, Veterans and their families the tools and resources available to help prepare short-term and long-term budgets, create emergency savings plans, understand and replace military healthcare and insurance benefits, and much more.

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