Money Talks for Military Teens, Part 2

In “Money Talks for Military Teens, Part 2,” military-affiliated ‘tweens and teens will learn about money matters such as credit scores, car loans, and higher education. This course is most appropriate for ages 12-18 years old.

This course is sponsored by Prudential. Reference the Course Materials section for additional resources, including interactive planning tools.

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When thinking about college tuition, keep in mind that a college’s “sticker price” also includes meals, housing, fees, and books. If you go to college or a trade school, you may need help paying for it. Learn ways to effectively keep and spend money in “Money Talks for Military Teens, Part 2.” This course is Part 2 of our ‘tweens and teens series, and we’ll focus specifically on important ways teenagers tend to spend money as they get older. It focuses on topics from credit scores, to car loans, and higher education, in addition to touching on topics such as housing situations and explaining different types of insurance. This course is most appropriate for ages 12-18 years old.

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