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Invisible Wounds of War at Home: PTSD Symptoms

This course gives an overview on Invisible Wounds of War (IWoW). The goal of this course is to educate family members and caregivers about Veterans who may be suffering Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how to notice the symptoms.

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  1. Stephen Armiger

    Changing your view of the world. Beyond serving in the military, I was abused by a priest. I joined the Navy Reserves at 17 in my junior year of high school. 1965. I never expected to go to college, but my mother insisted I apply. To my surprise, I was accepted. For some reason, I did not have to drill while in college. During those years, Dr. King was assassinated. Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. Hugh Lawrence, Larry Coburn and Glenn Andreotti stopped the ongoing my Lai massacre. Four students were shot at Kent State. I went to Washington D.C. and protested the war with some trepidation. Upon completion of college, I got my orders for active duty. Now I had lost respect for the Catholic church and for our government. It took me 20 to 25 years before I began to become proud of my service. I know many Vietnam era vets who felt-still feel-the same way.

  2. Daryl

    Very nicely done. Short, to the point, but very important information is given in 10 minutes time. Ideal for busy and possibly desperate friends and family in need of information NOW!