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Interviewing and Telling Your Story for Military Spouses

As a military spouse, you have unique and invaluable abilities, skills and potential that are specific to you. Taking the time to recollect your own story will help you to figure out the best way to position yourself with a potential employer and be able to edit it down to your ‘elevator pitch.’ Learn how in “Interviewing and Telling Your Story for Military Spouses” with your host, Brian Alvarado.

Technical FAQs

Just because you don’t have a specific skill, doesn’t mean you don’t possess the qualities to acquire and excel at that skill. There may be things you never thought to bring up in an interview. You may undersell yourself if you think you aren’t fully qualified and miss out on highlighting translatable skills. This is why it helps to look at your story, and pick out your capacities, which are qualities that are inherent in every position you hold such as a strong work ethic and flexibility. In this course, “Interviewing and Telling Your Story for Military Spouses,” narrator Brian Alvarado from Hiring Our Heroes at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation will show you how to: Identify pivotal professional moments that shape your story, develop your story to be written and spoken, explore techniques and methods for how to tell your story to use it to your advantage, and gain confidence in telling your story during phone, video conference and in-person interviews.