How to Build Successful Transition Plan

Join General Peter Chiarelli, United States Army (Ret.), in PsychArmor’s course “How to Build a Successful Transition Plan” as he discusses the importance of setting realistic expectations, goal-setting, and flexibility during your transition from military service.

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In the course, “How to Build a Successful Transition Plan” service members and Veterans learn about the many considerations surrounding the transition process. Narrated by General Peter Chiarelli, United States Army (Ret.), this course provides personal insight in setting realistic expectations, creating goals, and maintaining flexibility during your transition.

As you and your family transition from military service, it is important to build a transition plan that will accommodate your needs. During this course, General Chiarelli discusses the importance of research and preparation for your next career, attending college, advocating for yourself, networking, and much more.

While there is no one right way to transition, this course serves as a wonderful tool for service members, Veterans, and their families to make their personal and professional transition go smoothly.