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Financial Wellness Overview

Military and Veteran families face unique financial challenges, which can be stressful. We understand how that stress can impact everyday life and why it is important to manage by creating a path to financial wellness.

This course introduces PsychArmor's Financial Wellness portfolio sponsored by Prudential. Reference the Course Materials section for additional resources, including interactive planning tools.

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    poet773 May 19, 2020 at 8:47 pm

    I am a female Vietnam Era Veteran. Yes financial well being is important to me, so finding a balance at age 63 that allows to achieve goals and supplement retirement is truly helpful.

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    idinfo212 June 1, 2020 at 9:50 am

    I competed the Financial wellness course but did not see any certificate of that I could use the SNIP tool with.
    I needed proof of watching the 6 minute 58 sec intro video. The information seems sound and practical, hard to implement right now because after paying rent, car insurance, gas, utilities, food, health insurance and ongoing health expenses, the is Nothing to save— Need better career job to be in thriving mode. Currently am in Surviving mode—- Need the video on how to be a mega youtube star/ social media influencer/ brand ambassador and also one on how to actually “Win the Lottery” so I can have something to save for old age and rainy days-
    for now will watch videos with an Open Mind, and am continually applying in USAjos for my GS 7/9/11/12 job—-

    I do believe the information is useful- just not yet-
    can’t save money that doesn’t exist and can’t, pretend monopoly money— If that was possible I’d be more wealthy than Bill Gates, Elan Musk and Warren Buffet combined

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