Creating a Military Friendly Culture and Onboarding Program

Making the decision to implement a veteran hiring initiative is only the first step. To ensure the success of Veteran employees and maximize their value to an organization, it is imperative that businesses tailor their culture and on-boarding process. This course contains the information and resources necessary for businesses to begin their military recruitment campaign, including mobilizing efforts to hire and retain Veterans and their spouses.

This course is composed of four lessons. Welcoming a Veteran New Hire offers guidance on creating a welcoming space for a Veteran transitioning from their active-duty career into the civilian world. Community Collaboration demonstrates how networking with corporate and non-profit groups can help businesses find and recruit Veterans for employment. Deployment Issues in the Workplace focuses on employees who are members of the Reserve or family members of Reservists and how to support them before and after a deployment. Engaging Staff and Veteran Retention discusses the importance of educating non-military staff in how to support Veteran employees and ways to ensure Veteran hires stay with the business.

5 Lessons