ABC’s of Respite for Caregivers

ABC’s of Respite for Caregivers Course

This course provides an overview of the Respite services available to caregivers and families. The goal of this course is to empower caregivers by informing them of where to find the help available to them as well as, educate caregivers about the difference between formal and informal Respite Care.

The ABCs of Respite for Caregivers is a 3-Part Series developed to explain the differences between formal and informal Respite Care, provide an overview of Respite services available, help caregivers choose the appropriate Respite Care, and help caregivers overcome some of the unique barriers related to caregiving.

Created in partnership with Southern Caregiver Resource Center & Easter Seals.

What is Respite Care?

Video Duration 9m 33s

Advantages of Respite Care at Home

Video Duration 12m 15s

Caregiver Support

Video Duration 9m 53s