Military Caregiver Recognition Award Program

hidden heroes and psycharmor institute military caregiver recognition award program co-sponsored by elizabeth dole foundation and psycharmor

Caregivers of service members and wounded, ill or injured Veterans are deserving of support and recognition of their efforts in caring for our nation’s heroes. The resources provided by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Hidden Heroes campaign and the training courses made available by PsychArmor Institute are key to both assisting these caregivers and providing them the attention and training they need but don’t often receive.

In recognition of those efforts, we are pleased to announce the Military Caregiver Recognition Program.

Caregivers can earn a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their dedication as a caregiver to a wounded service member or Veteran signed by Senator Elizabeth Dole and PsychArmor CEO Tina Atherall.

Steps to Receiving this Certificate

  1. Military caregivers need to register on the Hidden Heroes site National Registry gives caregivers access to both national and local resources as well as providing a support network of fellow caregivers.

  2. Register for the PsychArmor Learning Management System (LMS)

  3. Complete the four caregiver-focused PsychArmor training courses listed below.

Join the Hidden Heroes National Registry

Register for PsychArmor’s LMS



The Certificate will be emailed to you upon completion of the 4 Caregiver Courses and verification that you are part of the Hidden Heroes Registry. The Certificate will be signed by both Senator Dole and Tina Atherall.


Sample Certificate

military caregiver recognition program certificate sample