Are You Veteran Ready?

The PsychArmor Institute exists to support those who engage the military community, including the more than 62 million Americans who volunteer each year. Thanks to the generosity of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, PsychArmor offers FREE, on-demand courses specifically for non-profit organizations and volunteers. All PsychArmor courses are evidence-based, clinically informed, and developed by national recognized subject matter experts.

As a retired U.S. Navy Captain who deployed six times over the course of my career, I fully appreciate that the success of any military unit is dependent upon the skill and motivation of the hard-working individuals working at the deck plate level. Now that I’m the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a Veteran non-profit myself, I have become keenly aware that there’s an incredible need to educate staff and volunteers when it comes to bridging the military-civilian divide.

Service members come from a distinct and vibrant culture, and it’s an environment that civilians often don’t understand. I also know from my work in a non-profit how important it is to make sure organizations and volunteers are ready to work with – and support – service members, Veterans, and military families. They must be equipped with knowledge of military culture and how service has shaped every Veteran.

We wanted to recognize and reward the hard work staff and volunteers of these non-profits are doing to effectively engage with Veterans. That’s why PsychArmor Institute and the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) are pleased to announce the launch of the PsychArmor Veteran Ready Organizations Certification.

Beyond helping your non-profit better serve Veterans, being a Veteran Ready Certified Organization shows your dedication to actively taking steps to support our nation’s heroes and include them in your work. This certification isn’t only a badge—it’s a commitment to ensuring your staff and volunteers know how to best engage with the military community.

We’re proud to partner with BWF, an organization that has worked for over 10 years to ensure that our heroes’ needs are met and acknowledged. Across the country, non-profit organizations have been utilizing our School for Volunteers and Nonprofits Who Support Veterans, made possible thanks to the generosity of BWF, to provide necessary training to better interact with Veterans. We know it’s critical for volunteer and non-profit organizations to have these resources available so they can establish a welcoming environment for these ready and able contributors— and we are continuously encouraged by the volunteers who complete our courses and implement the training.

What does it mean to be “Veteran Ready” and how can my organization become certified?

  • Become a PsychArmor Partner through our Partnership Department
  • Enroll staff and volunteers in the four mandatory PsychArmor courses required for certification
  • Certification will be awarded once 30% of an organization’s staff completes the required courses and will be verified monthly

What will my organization and staff receive once certified?

Once you’re a Veteran Ready Certified Organization, we want to help your organization showcase its dedication to the military community! Your organization will receive:

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in the lives of Veterans. Together, we will bridge the military-civilian divide so that all Veterans have the opportunity to succeed.

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