Blayne Smith


Executive Director, Team Red, White, & Blue

Blayne Smith is the Executive Director of Team Red, White, and Blue.  As Team RWB’s first employee, he has played a key role the development, growth, and operation of the organization.  Blayne works closely with board members, staff, and volunteer leaders to ensure the delivery of excellent veteran programs.  He provides strategic guidance in addition to building and managing critical partnerships.

Prior to joining Team RWB, Blayne served as a sales and marketing leader at Quest Diagnostics where he earned awards for both business development and mentorship.  As one of only 6 selectees to the Emerging Leader Program, he developed and delivered the company’s first professional development program.

Blayne served as an officer in the United States Army from 2001-2010.  Upon graduating from West Point, he initially joined the First Cavalry Division as a tank platoon leader and later as a reconnaissance platoon leader.  He spent most of 2004 in Iraq and led more than 200 combat patrols.  He then attended the Special Forces Qualification Course and commanded a detachment of Green Berets in the 3rd Special Forces Group.  Blayne led joint and inter-agency operations both domestically and during a combat tour in southern Afghanistan.

Smith earned a BS in Economics from the US Military Academy as well as an MBA from the University of Florida.  He has completed numerous military leadership courses and was the Distinguished Honor Graduate of the Army Ranger School.

Blayne is a fitness enthusiast and avid athlete, and regular competes in running, triathlon, and CrossFit.  He lives in Tampa, Florida with his family.