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Shawn Moore


Shawn Moore is a 13-year veteran with the Kansas City, Missouri Police department. She is the current Dole Caregiver Fellow of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation for the state of Missouri, she also facilitates a caregiver family support group and founded the non-profit organization called Caregivers on the Homefront. Since May 2013, Shawn has been the caregiver of a wounded warrior and has dedicated her life to the study of PTSD and the effects it has on the family. Last August Shawn got a gut feeling and knew that something was terribly wrong with her husband. She was able to find him and save him from a suicide attempt. Shawn will graduate in May with a Bachelor’s in Social Psychology and has been accepted into the Masters of Social Work program at Park University in the Fall. Shawn and Bryan have a blended family of six children and four grandchildren.