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Nelida Lozoya-Lewis is the wife and full-time caregiver to Anthony who is a disabled combat veteran of OIF/OEF, mother of four and grandmother of four. Anthony has struggled with the after math of war, finding his new normal has been challenging. He struggles with PTSD/TBI, some physical Injuries and recently at the age of 35 diagnosed with heart failure. Due to his increased needs, Nelida quit her job, has focused on advocating not only for her husband but for her daughter who is battling thyroid cancer.  Nelida has taken steps to become certified as a peer specialist and certified personal resilient mentor, facilitating support groups/events for local caregivers. Nelida volunteers as the Chapter Director for Blue Star Families, A Heros Welcome, Star For Our troops & Silver Star Families of America.

Nelida’s passion is to advocate for caregivers In all areas, to make ensure we are not forgotten and we matter as well. Empowering caregivers to thrive and be resilient in the midst of chaos, finding out what needs are not being met and how to assist.