Stanton Tompkins


Caregiver for medically retired Army husband

My name is Elizabeth (Li) Stanton-Tompkins. I am 32 years old, my husband and I have a total of 5 children ages 9-25. We are a medically retired Army family and we live in TN. I have 2 B.S. degrees from Liberty University, Psychology Military Resilience and Pschology-Christian Family Counseling. I was a military wife for almost 10 years and have been my husbands full time caregiver for 6 years. My husband lives with PTSD, anoxic and traumatic brain injuries, incomplete spinal injuries and a terminal illness, among other minor issues. We are a homeschool family, we have 3 dogs and hope one day to have an alpaca farm. My passion and calling in life is to work with caregivers and their families, especially the hidden caregivers who do not receive acknowledgment or awareness for their service members injuries and their roles as caregivers. I have served as the leader of multiple Family Readiness Group’s, worked and interned at Ft. Campbell’s Soldier Family Assistance Center and worked in law enforcement before my husbands illnesses and injuries required dedicated full time care. I currently work informally with and for other caregivers in my and surrounding counties.