Institute to provide one-of-a-kind training for volunteers on veteran, military culture

SAN DIEGO (June 30, 2016) -- PsychArmor Institute, the only national institute of its kind, dedicated to bridging the civilian-military divide through free online education, has received a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation to establish the Bob Woodruff Foundation School for Volunteers. The funds will be used to build a suite of free online courses for volunteers who service the military and veteran communities.

“This grant is a sign of the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s unyielding commitment to America’s service members and veterans, and we are honored to have the foundation’s support as we continue our efforts to bridge the civilian-military divide,” said Marjorie Morrison, PsychArmor’s CEO and founder. “With fewer than 1 percent  of our country serving in uniform, most Americans are unfamiliar with military life and culture. A better understanding of military culture and the veteran community can alleviate many of the challenges veterans and service members face when returning from war or transitioning into civilian life. The courses provided within this school will help volunteers from all walks of life understand and engage with the service members and veterans they encounter in their communities.”

The institute will recruit national subject matter experts to create and deliver volunteer-focused training that will range from foundational courses such as "Volunteering with Veterans with Invisible Wounds of War," to those that are targeted to meet specific needs, such as “Helping Veterans in Rural Areas.”

In addition to free online courses, volunteers will have access to the institute’s  “Helping You Help Veterans” support line. The masters and doctorate level education and resource counselors who staff the support line function both proactively and reactively in response to learners.

This combination of online learning and pro-active coaching is the most efficient and cost-effective means of meeting the program goals of:

  • Improving the civilian volunteers knowledge of military culture and the needs of the veteran population

  • Supporting the civilian volunteer workforce to have positive attitudes and increased confidence in engaging with veterans and their families

  • Creating lasting behavior change to increase effective interactions between civilian volunteers and those who have served

About the Bob Woodruff Foundation

The Bob Woodruff Foundation works to ensure impacted veterans and their families are thriving long after they return home. As a grant recipient, PsychArmor Institute joins a collaboration of top-tier programs and advocates working to help America’s heroes on the homefront within the foundation’s grantee network.